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Lights, Camera, Action!

The Official Movie Icons Community!

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Movie Icons Gallore!
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Well, I noticed there were a lot of communities dedicated to different movies, but not to movies in general, so here is one!

Your lovely and talented moderators!

pumpkin_queen, icons at sapphire icons, website is sapphire-roses.net
joykinz, icons at fallingpoodles, website is falling-poodles.com

Sister Community: tvicons


1. Please credit people for icons you take, unless the icon maker says otherwise. Makes them feel loved. FAQ located here on how to credit in the keywords.
2. When using someone's icon, don't hot link from their source. That eats up bandwidth, and you want everyone to be able to use the icons.
3. Let a person know if you're taking their icon... also again, a nice gesture.
4. Be able to share. Sharing is caring. (Thanks joykinz for the lovely rhyme.)
5. Requests are allowed, but don't get mad if someone doesn't respond... sometimes people are busy, ya know? ~_^
6. And if you make a request, please use the icon!
7. Follow the rules that the person posts with their icons.

1. Mainly, this is about movies in general. Scenes are prefered, but actors and actresses are welcome!
2. When posting 4 or more icons, please use a tag cut. Here is how to make an LJ tag cut.
3. Pornos are NOT considered movies. Any tasteful nudity should be put behind a cut, just in case the young'ns are watching.

1. Constructive criticism is allowed, but don't be mean.
2. No complaining if people don't comment on your icons.
3. NO FLAME WARS. Flame wars are stupid. When caught, they will be deleted.

Most importantly though: have fun! Be creative! Go wild, post lots of icons, and smile!

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